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5 of hearts – jason rowe & dagmar cee – prag

Heartbeat Workshop in Prag mit Dagmar Cee und Jason Rowe (UK)

Do you keep your emotions close to your chest?
Or do your emotions play you?
What space do you offer your heart?

The 5Rhythms® and their connection to the our basic emotions, the heartbeat level maps, are wonderful tools for self-enquiry. The practice is as simple as it is deep. It’s formless form provides us a wonderful balance between sufficient structure and enough ample freedom to let our bodies and hearts find their very own dance.
In this dance our truth and our essence reveal themselves. When the head becomes still, the body takes the lead and a vast world of experiences opens up for us.
What we need is curiosity, the willingness to ask questions and the courage to get involved commit.
Within us all Fear, Anger, Sadness, Joy & Compassion lay entwined inside our very human fabric.
These five emotions, ever present, are the lifeblood that need to circulate freely for us to embody our own hearts.
In this workshop we’ll connect with how emotional energy moves the body, commit to the truth and aliveness of our vulnerability, and surrender to a deeper field where all is truly related.



Freitag,   18.30 – 21.00 Uhr, offener Abend
Samstag, 11.00 – 18.00 Uhr                        
Sonntag, 10.00 – 17.00 Uhr
DDM Praha 3 – Ulita

Na Balkáně 2866/17a
130 00 Praha 3


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Jason Rowe
fell in love with the 5Rhythms seventeen years ago. He trained with Gabrielle Roth and core faculty becoming an Accredited teacher in 2011. He subsequently studied and qualified to teach the Heartbeat map of the practice with Jonathan Horan in 2015. Jason holds weekly open classes, regular workshops and teaches out in the wider dancing community across the UK and Internationally. He’s lived and worked in London all his life.


18 September / 19:30
20 September / 17:00


Josef Tusa
+420 734 547 926


Na Balkáně 2866/17a
Prag 3, Tschechische Republik
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