The first time

The 5Rhythms® are a simple and deep movement meditation that speaks to the dancer in you, and it doesn’t matter what your physical requirements are.
To help you get started, here are a few tips and golden rules:


  • wear comfortable, exercise-friendly clothing
  • you will sweat and cool down again, clothes in onion system is recommended
  • and get thirsty, please bring enough water (no glass bottles please)


  • we move in silence – if you want to have conversations, please do it outside the room – we want to focus attention on our bodies, and talking is very disruptive to that
  • those who come to dance, stay until the end (if you have a date after half the time, better come another time)
  • please be on time, we start together and everyone who comes later acts like a brake for the group


  • we move without alcohol or other drugs, come sober
  • we dance barefoot or in dancing shoes, no socks, if, only with anti-slip studs
  • no chewing gum, sweets or similar.
  • we move with open eyes to also perceive the others in the room
  • be responsible for the well-being of your body, pay attention to its limits
  • maybe there are phases where you are rather loud, need a lot of space or excessively rage through the room, respect the others and make sure that you are respected as well, if it should be the other way around
  • if you suffer from a mental or physical illness, please contact the teacher before the start of the session/workshop
  • The movement practice of 5Rhythms® can have a very therapeutic and healing effect, but is not used to cure physical or mental illness and is not a substitute for psychotherapeutic treatments.


You will find a safe space and some guidance to embark on the moving journey to your authentic expression and follow the magic of your own dance.
It’s about discovering yourself, no one can do that or prevent that but yourself.

  • follow your impulses and be open for change
  • everyone was a newbie once, forget about others and what they may think about you – it never applies anyway
  • everything that lives is in motion, and what moves changes: so does the 5Rhythms® practice – expectations are something static and rarely fulfilled – let yourself be surprised, by the music, the people, the exercises and especially by yourself, it will be different every time
  • take the time you need
  • when we go in motion, sometimes held feelings release, you are invited to give space to that and let others have their space too
  • usually there is music and uncommented time to arrive at the beginning – you can use the time to stretch, stretch or just move around
  • then I or another teacher will begin to lead through a wave or several or just a rhythm – always in view of the energy present in the room at that moment

A warm welcome to you!