About me

For me, the 5Rhythms™ are a wonderful tool to discover myself, to let my body, which speaks such truth, have its say and to recognize what really moves me at the moment – chattering ego or “real” impulse?

They are means of expression for my innermost feelings, for which I sometimes forget to create space and time. They are my playground and deepest inner need. They are a kick I sometimes need to open myself up to new things. They transform me from a grumpy misanthrope to a compassionate being. They prevent me from becoming stagnant and aging prematurely. They are the bitter pills of discipline and a necessity of life. They remind me that there is beauty that has nothing to do with beautiful appearances. They teach me to increase my vocabulary without words.

They are meditation in motion. A swimming pool full of creativity. Never-ending source of challenge. Proof of my liveliness. Reason to marvel. Medicinal herb. Battery. Prayer. Breath.


Dagmar Cee
Photographer, dipl. Media artist, avid dancer, and Gabrielle Roth trained and authorized 5Rhythms™ teacher at the Waves level since 2005. In 2009-10, she completed training for the 2nd level of 5Rhythms™ work, the Heartbeat level. She teaches and organizes the 5Rhythms in various formats and countries, making her a roving 5Rhythms nomad. Her homebase is Berlin.

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‘Mist dance’