about the 5Rhythms

“The goal of the rhythms is to awaken to the essence of oneself, expanding intuition and imagination as well as the body. Rhythms are formless; they expand the vocabulary of our physical and emotional expressions and lead us to areas of our psyche that we thought were lost. They foster intuitive intelligence and artistic sensibility.”

The focus is on the authentic movement that arises from the moment and is an expression of the actual state of the “dancer”. Where am I right now? What do I feel? What do I feel? What moves me? Where do I want to go? What do I discover? What do I stretch? How am I doing?
To get into a flow of authentic movement requires great attention to the body and its impulses. However, we often get caught up in our thoughts, preoccupation with the past, evaluations, judgments and everything else that has nothing to do with our current situation and our actual state. The body acts in an unconscious auto-pilot mode. Training attention is one aspect of the 5Rhythms®. If we train our attention, we are authentic and create a greater awareness of our body.

“The fastest way to still your mind is to move your body.”
Gabrielle Roth

The easiest way to understand the 5Rhythms® is to dance them, to make them a daily practice, whether physical or spiritual.
If you want to know more about the Rhythms™, I recommend reading “Life is Movement” (“Sweat your prayers”), “Totemic Shamanism” (“Maps to ecstasy”) or “The Chaos of Silence” (“Connectins – five threads of intuitive wisdom”) by Gabrielle Roth.

The movement practice of 5Rhythms® can have a very therapeutic and healing effect, but is not used to cure physical or mental illness and is not a substitute for psychotherapeutic treatments.


Photo: Sanjin Kastelan ©